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There are different ways that Individuals, Groups, Families, Churches and Companies can help us to ensure that Orphan children and Widowed mothers get a daily meal, Education, Clean Water and Shelter. More Importantly your support will help us reach out to many and Uplift their faith in the word of God. We hope that you are inspired by some of the ideas below and decide to make a difference. Together we can Empower Destinies.

Spread the word

By involving your community, school or work place you are spreading the details about (GCF). In case one can't volunteer physically, the value your informing the environment near you of who we are.
You can further do this by requesting us to send you a copy of our brochures, fliers and other form of documents for spreading the word.


Volunteering with Grassroots Children's Foundation(GCF) is a great way of helping orphans at (GCF) secure a future in their life. Our vision is to rescue, love and care for the orphaned and vulnerable children meeting their needs and by volunteering your time, expertise and fundraising talents you are helping us get there. So whether you're retired, a student or in between jobs, please do consider giving your time to a truly great cause. Contact us on how to apply.


Grassroots Children's Foundation is nothing without supporters like you. The money you raise will help feed, pay school fees and provide basic needs to Orphans here at (GCF). There are so many ways to help.

Whether you are looking to fund-raise locally, or internationally: by yourself, or as part of a group, we can help and if you need any further help making up your mind then please feel free to contact us.
You can  also organize a Monthly or One Time EVENT at your Home, Church or Work Place to help create AWARENESS and spread the Word about Innocent Children's Foundation (GCF) and to raise Support for the work here. You can contact us to provide you with Photos, Videos that you can show to the People through a Projector or TV .We will also send you Paper Beads, African Crafts made by the Kids here at the home that People can buy.

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