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In June 2016, Becky Johnson and Shara Sumnall established a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called Grassroots Children's Foundation. Their hearts behind Grassroots Children's Foundation are ones that are pure, they believe strongly that God has called every child to live a full life, and in doing so, giving is a major part. God is clear throughout His word, what His feelings are on caring for orphans. 


Grassroots Children's Foundation was registered in 2012 (In Uganda), with Ugandan government under child and women affairs department making it legal for operations.


With  a Vision To build a permanent home for the Innocent and Vulnerable children where foster parents will be able to offer them guidance as their education and get established in life.

 Grassroots Children's Foundation is 100% faith based ministry to rescue and save the lives of the children in Uganda. We help the most destitute children, the poorest among the poor. The children we serve in Uganda, Africa are orphaned and are left with no family and nowhere else to go. We take them in and provide: shelter, food, education, and healthcare. Our goal is to help the children reach their highest potential and teach them life-skills, self-reliance at an early age. Hopefully, with our inviting arms and care they can learn to become responsible citizens.


(GCF)  is a donation-based orphanage. As such, your faithful giving is what fuels our God-given vision to transform these Kids by giving hope. Orphanage with over 26 Kids aged between 5 to 15 years Old.

Heaven alone will reveal the true impact that your giving has made on the lives of children in need. When you see the pictures on here, read the stories, and watch the videos, our prayer is that you will get a glimpse of what you make possible by your prayers and financial support.

Grassroots Children's Foundation was founded to be an organization that builds dreams and restores lives. We take risks and risk it all for God’s glory to be known.


Remember we can not do this alone, please join us and restore joy,peace and hope.


Becky Johnson, (USA) CO-FOUNDER

Becky Johnson is the mother of 5 and grand mother of 12. She loves spending time with her family. She has managed retail stores and owned a daycare. Becky loves people and has spent years volunteering to help others work through difficult life challenges. She has a deep interest in learning new things. Her greatest belief is that enlightenment is not a destination but a result of realizing that you have the freedom to choose to look for solutions and opportunities rather than staying stuck. 


Shara Sumnall, (USA) CO-FOUNDER

Shara Sumnall earned a B.A. from BYU in Humanities and has worked in accounting and legal firms for 16 years. With this background she serves the Grassroots Board as co-founder, offering guidance on administrative and 501c3 matters. She has three sons with her husband of 20 years, Allan. They spend their free time on many interests including cycling, boating, music and athletics. “Together we can make a difference for those who need us, love is our universal bond.”



Randi Gerber is married to Tony Gerber and is a stay at home mom of 5 amazing children.  She is owner and CEO of Peribella Naturals Skincare company, and Randi Gerber LLC.  She is the author of Living the Healthy Life, and works as a Private Natural Health and Wellness coach.  The money raised from her coaching is all donated to the “Grassroots Children’s Foundation.”  Randi’s greatest passion is helping others be healthy, happy, and productive.  She is passionate about life and living it to the fullest.  She resides in Surprise Arizona.


Traveling has always been a passion for Dustin.  Living as a bachelor, he has toured much of North America and Europe, along with several countries in Asia and South America.  Dustin jumped at the opportunity to take a humanitarian trip to Africa when his sister Cristy invited him in 2017. Visiting Grassroots Children's Foundation in Kampala, Uganda was worth the trip. Dustin quickly connected with children as they performed a choreographed dance with live music to welcome their group. It was obvious that the director, Lubega Mosh, worked tirelessly to ensure the children's well being. It was difficult to leave . . . If given the chance, he would likely adopt a few of them. 


Dustin is a project manager for an engineering firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has a Master's Degree in Occupational Health, with a background in home renovation and property management.  He also volunteers as a youth mentor in a music program for troubled teens. 



Susan became involved with Grassroots Children’s Foundation after hearing about her daughter Cristine and grand-daughter Meagan’s humanitarian trips to India and Haiti.  Her life and perspective shifted greatly after visiting the orphanage in Kampala, Uganda with them in June, 2017.  “I had always imagined visiting Africa, but now I have sweet voices, faces, and warm hugs to remember it. It was a treat to get to know them and to add supplies and experiences to their lives.”  By becoming secretary on the Grassroots board, she hopes to assist with the various needs of 25 children.  

Susan is a retired Marriage and Family Therapist, with a PhD in Family and Human Development.  Her studies were valuable in supporting the children of Grassroots and can support us all. She is working on a book entitled Parenting Gaps with solutions for filling the developmental gaps we all incur from imperfect parenting. You don’t have to be an orphan to have unmet needs.

Director of Planned Giving

David Disraeli, director of planned giving is a financial adviser, speaker and author. David and his wife Lara live in Austin and have four adult children. He is the founder of 360NetWorth, Inc. in Austin Texas.  During his 35 year career, he has started three companies, advised hundreds of individuals and wealthy families on a wide variety of financial, tax and estate planning matters.  David is excited about helping Grass Roots Children’s Foundation cultivate lasting financial partnerships with community leaders. 

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