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For $40 per month, you can fund a child's expense for boarding school (education, food, housing),  medical care and training.  

Choose a monthly recurring donation that fits your budget and fund a child's future.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Choose to sponsor one or more children with a recurring donation.  Any amount you choose will help.  


Step 2:

We will put your donation toward the expenses for the children in our care, and we will add you to our communication list where we update sponsors on the progress of the children.  You may contact us if you would like to sponsor a particular child, and receive updates on their individual progress.


Step 3:

Correspond. If you would like to be involved at a deeper level, and provide mentoring and support for any of the children, we can make that happen.  We are always looking for active participants to create positive change for the children.

Sponsor a child now by following the link below and selecting a monthly recurring donation.
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