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GCF Health Care


Healthcare is a vital need not only for the children and Pearls living on-site; but for our community at large.  With an emphasis on prevention and care, Grassroots Children's Foundation provides love and care for our neighbors by offering them accessible, quality healthcare.

Our goal is simple. To focus on health issues with the greatest impact including malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis and invest in the education of local community members.


How can you help? By donating funds for quality medication, educational resources and funding for technology and equipment or by join us on a medical mission trip.

Malnutrition Center

Malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children here in Uganda. Many children suffer from malnutrition, and as a result their hair turns red and brittle. Their little bodies either become bloated or emaciated and they often die before the age of five.

How you can Help

$8 sponsors 64 meals

$24 sponsors 248 meals

$168 sponsors 1796 meals

Helping young  mothers with milk and a meal for their Children

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